Co-creation is at the heart of Semco Style consultancy

We have a dream of completely setting aside the established consultancy approach. We believe that the established approach creates an unhealthy dependency between consultancy firms and their clients. Our co-creative approach is focused more on helping client-organizations take up ownership over difficult topics themselves, step-by-step. We believe that our co-creation approach will lead to sustainable change.

We’ll equip you to find your own style

As with any management style, the current context of your company plays a huge role in deciding how you adopt the Semco Style framework. The key to bringing out a lasting change in your management isn’t replicating an existing approach. Instead, you need to customize these best practices to derive solutions that fit your organization’s singular needs. In other words, you need to build your own style.

We deliver you a new perspective on your business

Our methodology is not a recipe, but it is an invitation to reconsider, evaluate and improve your business environment so that employees look forward to coming to work every day and performing to their highest potential. Read more about our methodology here.

There’s no place for old-style, boring, and ineffective consulting with us. Here’s what makes us stand out:


We won’t serve you the fish. Instead, we will teach you how to fish for yourself. To get there, we deliver you training programs, building blocks of methodology and top-notch executive coaching and consulting.


We will mentor, coach and facilitate with the goal of becoming redundant as soon as possible.


We will inspire you with our vast database of tools, case studies, exercises, and scans that were built while working with our clients. We offer everything from high-level inspirational stories and practical team exercises to our step-by-step Roadmap.


We will use proven tools and eye-opening role-play games to jumpstart your organization into the consulting program.

Assessment Tools


We have powerful tools curated to check the readiness of your organization for the future of work. Guided by the Semco Style Framework and Roadmap, the results will reflect the current status of the team and your organization. A debrief session with an expert will be scheduled to enable your company to become self-organized with a people-oriented culture. Read more about our assessments and get insights into where your organizations is currently at!

Role-Play Experience Games

Get a feel of how a self-managed, people-centric organization effectively works with our pool of practical games. Be immersed in the Semco Style practices, experience how to implement our principles better, and come out transformed. Our most successful game is our Semco Style Experience Game. Curious to find out how you can bridge the gaps in your organization and take away insights that help you break bad management patterns?


Curious to know more?
From pyramids to circles, from controlling to being in control. Let’s future-proof your organization!

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