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If you build pyramids, you should expect mummies. If you create a horizontal organization, you leave room for autonomy and trust. Autonomous, self-organizing teams succeed because they have a greater sense of responsibility, can respond faster to change and accelerate innovation. The people in these teams are happier and they in turn lead to happier customers. Join us and release the innate capacity of your employees to adapt, perform better and be entrepreneurial in their thinking. Then, sit back and watch your growth naturally soar.

Ricardo Semler and his company Semco gained international recognition for the groundbreaking alternative approach to management and organization they embodied. The Semco Style Institute (SSI), which was built upon this strong foundation, began operations in May 2016 in the Netherlands. Today, SSI is active in eight countries and actively supports multiple organizations that range from fast-growing small-to-mid sized enterprises to multinational corporate companies. SSI’s mission is to shape the future of work and we do so by helping organizations achieve more impact and better performance, with employees who are happier and more engaged.
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We believe that the way most companies work is obsolete, and that work can be done in a way that’s better for the people involved – whether they’re clients or employees. There’s no denying that people-centric organizations are the future of work. And, we’re spearheading that transformation as we speak.


We bust bureaucracy and promote performance by organizing around trust and engagement. We center management around small, multidisciplinary teams and focus less on hierarchy and processes.


We offer training, practices & tools, coaching, expert consultation and immersive events, delivered via various channels ranging from one-on-one sessions, to a completely online learning path.

The Semco Style methodology is all about adding your own recipe to the world’s best management cookbook. Our three favorite ingredients are:

Maverick Ricardo Semler’s 40-year experience, and the Semco Style network, lay a solid foundation for proven success that draws from effective organizational transformations worldwide.

The Semco Style Framework: Five pivotal principles, 15 pillars and 100+ practices that will guide you towards a clear view of your own ideal of self-organization.


The answers to the two most commonly asked questions “Where do I begin?” and “what comes next?”. After working with companies ranging from corporations to small-and mid-sized companies, all over the world, we began documenting a step-by-step process towards self-management. The result is our flagship Semco Style Roadmap – created to help you pave your own way to self-management.

Semco Style Framework

Semco Style Roadmap

Global Network

Ever since it was founded in 2016, in the Netherlands, Semco Style Institute has seen rapid growth. Within four years, we expanded our network to eight countries, began serving 100+ clients through 200+ consultants. And, there’s a lot more to come!


Clients worldwide

Consultants worldwide

Our Country Partners

Do you want to join us shaping the future of work in your country? Become our country partner and benefit from our International Licensing Program, hand-curated by Ricardo Semler.

Are you a Semco Style advocate that is looking for an in-depth study? we have developed a unique international online program just for you. It offers you the opportunity to become a certified Semco Style consultant and can be a great first step towards a future Country Partnership.


Whether it’s through consultation or our training programs, we aim to change the way work works through one high-impact intervention at a time.


There’s no place for old-style, boring and ineffective consulting with us.
Curious how we can be of help to your organization? Just reach out to us and explore the options!

Training Programs

Many training and programs with the aim of helping companies.


Over the years, we have created a vast database of tools, case studies, exercises and scans that we built while working with our clients. Here’s a selection of our tools that can help your organization:


The Semco Style Selfie is a survey where the answers make for great conversation starters on Semco Style topics in your organization, as it creates a clear picture of how you and your colleagues feel the company is doing in terms of management and organization. The team and organization reports are solid benchmarks, especially when repeated over time, while the individual reports give tailor-made advice on how to improve the way work works in your organization


The Semco Style Quickscan is a derivative of the Selfie. The Selfie contains 45 questions, is meant to be used in a team-setting, offers explanations on the result and suggests the next steps to take. The Quickscan, on the other hand, is a completely self-serviced tool that gives some great first insights. With only 15 questions to answer, this individual report gives customized advice on improving the way work happens in your organization.


The AEM-Cube is a cutting-edge management tool that identifies and aligns the strategic diversity in teams: Does the diversity of people match with what’s required from a team, given its purpose and tasks? By mapping out individuals, teams and organizations the tool also visualizes the level of health in the organization, as an ecological system, and allows for specific interventions and actions to be taken.


Shaping the future of work is what we aim for. One of the ways we do this is by offering free content in the form of e-books and blog articles. A selection of our free content that will get you started:

Creating a resilient organization

Creating a resilient organization

How does an organization become more adaptive to change? For, change happens all the time and the pace at which it takes place is increasing every year too. So, in order to thrive, and not just survive, we must become more responsive to change. The disruptive mindset...

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What we could learn from this pandemic – by Ricardo Semler

What we could learn from this pandemic – by Ricardo Semler

What are we learning from this pandemic? Whether we like it or not - and, more importantly, whether we're ready for it or not - the world is now working in ways that strikingly resemble what Ricardo Semler proposed in his bestseller, “The 7-Day Weekend”. Sure, most of...

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Building strong teams

Building strong teams

Working from home is gaining more traction now than ever before and that means the internet is full of “helpful tips on the best ways to work from home”. Although it’s already become a part of business operations for multiple companies around the world, working from...

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