FEB 2 – 16.30 IST / 12.00 CET

COSMIC – Community of Self-Managed and Innovative Companies – is an initiative by SSI India that believes that democratic management is not just a philosophy but a concept that helps shape a more resilient, innovative, and contemporary organization.

SSI India is reopening this monthly session on Feb 2 with new speakers and fresh perspectives in shaping the future of work.

Freedom at Work Leadership + Growth Summit 2024

FEB 28-29

Mark your calendars on February 28-29th, and let’s meet at the Freedom at Work Leadership + Growth Summit in Miami.

Tickets are now up for grabs! And we have an exclusive discount for the Semco Style Community! Use SEMLER50 upon registration to get your 50% discount on Premium Ticket. There are limited seats, so take this unique opportunity to get your tickets heavily discounted. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to accelerate your growth and success.

SSI INTERNATIONAL | Expert Certification Program


Are you the next Semco Style Expert? Join the first cohort of 2024 and be a Certified Expert!

You can be part of the growing global community of Semco Style Institute and join our last cohort this year, starting in February. This is an 18-week journey where you will experience how you can accelerate the pace at which organizations become future-proof while gaining a profound understanding of self-management.

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