SSI ITALY | Introduction to Semco Style

SEP 7 & 21

Thinking of joining the Semco Style Community?

SSI Italy will hold its introductory webinar where they will show you the distinctive elements of our approach to organization and explain why self-management is just one of the fundamental principles that characterize it.

Explore the evolution of Semco and share how it is possible to learn from this experience, creating a lean and sustainable path for any company.

SSI USA | Experiencing Semco Style Consulting


So, how can organizations create more engaged and productive people?

Join us for an interactive online session where you can experience the Semco Style way of consulting and learn some fun and interactive arts-based activities. Uncover our approach to fostering the autonomy, trust, and innovation that unlocks the full potential of teams. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring what you learn back to your work and add the knowledge to your toolbox of leadership skills.

Take part in our journey to making the future of work awesome!


SSI UK | Redesign the Semco Way


Do you sometimes feel trapped in the way we work? Do you find yourself thinking, ‘there must be a better way?’ Do you wish you had more control over how you spend your time, energy and focus at work?

Join the SSI UK team for this in-person immersive day to experience typical system dynamics and experiment with alternative ways of working.

SSI UK | Lessons in Co-creation

OCT 30

Co-creation and true collaboration is increasingly difficult. Especially with remote, at a distance, or hybrid working. It can feel like the nature of working in this way can negatively impact how we collaborate, co-create, and keep productivity and innovation high. We all know that these ways of working are necessary now more than ever, so how do you make it work for your team or organization?

Sign up now at SSI UK’s interactive discussion on Monday 30th, October, with the co-creators of the Carbon Almanac, Cat Barnard at Future at Work and Beth Salyers from Customer Learning Atelier, and join the discussion on how we can co-create in a hybrid world.

SSI INDIA | Expert Certification Program

Oct 26

SSI India will hold its last cohort of Expert Certification Program for 2023. Join the fast growing community of change makers and leaders shaping the future of work!

This will be an in-person cohort to be held in Bangalore, India.

SSI ITALY | Expert Certification Program

October 2023

New ways of working are gaining momentum and leaders all around the world are realising now is the time to pivot organizational structures. Be equipped with clear framework, backed by extensive theories and practices and learn how to successully tilt organizations towards self-organization.

Sign up for the upcoming Expert Certification Program of SSI Italy this October and join our worldwide network of change agents to start shaping the future of work!


SSI INTERNATIONAL | Expert Certification Program

NOV 28

Are you the next Semco Style Expert? This is your LAST chance to be a Certified Expert this year!

You can be part of the growing global community of Semco Style Institute and join our last cohort this year, starting in November. This is an 18-week journey where you will experience how you can accelerate the pace at which organizations become future-proof while gaining a profound understanding of self-management.

SSI ARGENTINA | Fundamental Program

Nov 2 & 3

SSI Argentina will host a Fundamentos de las organizaciones autogestionadas – Introducción al modelo de Semco Style or Fundamental Program in November.

The Fundamental Program gives you a broad overview of Semco Style. You will experience self-organization in action with plenty of room for questions. This program is aimed at anyone who wants to know more about the Semco Style philosophy and is ready to make their first move towards self-management.