SSI ITALY | Webinar

JUN 5 – 17.00 CEST

Transform Your Work Environment: Discover the Semco Style Methodology

Join SSI Italy as they hold an introductory Italian webinar where they talk more about Semco Style Methodology. Learn the distinctive elements of our approach to organization and explain why self-management is just one fundamental principles that characterize it. 

SSI UK | Unlocking Semco Style: Your Journey to Expert

JUN 17 – 12.30 BST / 13.30 CEST

If you are considering becoming a Certified Expert, this webinar is for you! SSI UK is holding Unlocking Semco Style: Your Journey to Expert, where they will be joined by a panel of Semco Style Experts who will share their experiences of becoming certified experts and ear how they’ve been putting Semco Style to use.


JUN 7 – 16.30 IST / 13.00 CEST

COSMIC – Community of Self-Managed and Innovative Companies – is an initiative by SSI India that believes that democratic management is not just a philosophy but a concept that helps shape a more resilient, innovative, and contemporary organization.

This is a monthly session happening every first Friday of the month featuring new speakers and fresh perspectives in shaping the future of work.

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