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Semco Style Institute offers many training programs to help companies embark on a journey towards self-organization. Built upon the Semco Style Principles, our programs help create high-performing, autonomous teams and happier employees. Everything we offer can be adapted to existing company training and adjusted to client needs.

Semco Style Academy issues a digital badge through Credly, the world’s most trusted digital credential ecosystem, upon completing Semco Style verified programs.

Contact us for more info on our open enrollment and in-company training programs.

academy offerings


Over the years, we have created a vast database of tools, case studies, testimonies, and scans that we build while working with our clients. We have curated assessments to see the readiness of the team and organization in new ways of working.

These assessments are statistically validated and consist of a series of questions that enables you to shape the development process of your team and organization rooted in our framework and roadmap. The results reflect your current status and can be a discussion starter for a better organization.

Learn more about our assessments and how this can help transform your organization.

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Consulting Solutions

Our mission is to shape the future of work and make it awesome! We are past work-life balance because we want work to be an enjoyable part of your life.

We offer consulting solutions to future-proof your organization. Grounded by our Semco Style Framework and Roadmap, we will guide you through transforming your organization into a self-management organization focusing on people-centric culture. 

Move fast, be immersed, and be transformed into a future-ready organization.

consulting offerings


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