What is it?

New ways of working are gaining momentum and leaders all around the world are realizing now is the time to pivot organizational structures. Join our worldwide network of change agents and start shaping your future of work.

Dive into the heart of self-management with our unique Expert Certification program. From day one, this experiential learning journey discards traditional educational models, inviting you to fully engage with the Semco Style philosophy.

Equip yourself with tools and practices to lead companies to their highest potential and be inspired by the groundbreaking stories of guest speakers. You walk away with new knowledge and experience and gain access to our Eco-System with a vast range of resources, stories and practical methods to support you on your journey. It will enable you to work on Semco Style-related assignments and can also be a great first step towards a future partnership. To ensure an effective and powerful training, this exclusive program has limited seats only.

Become a Certified Expert!

Who is it for?

You are ready for an in-depth study about self-management. The Semco Style Expert Program deep-dives into a clear Framework and Roadmap for implementation. It is supported by extensive theory, many practical examples and smart tools for long-term and successful transitions to self-management or self-organization.

You will learn how to successfully steer organizations towards self-organization in their larger and smaller units. If you successfully complete the program, you will become a member of the international community of Semco Style Experts, partners and clients.

Participant profile

  • Passionate about transforming organizations
  • Able to work on all levels within organizations
  • 5 years+ of working experience in organizational development
  • Willingness to contribute to knowledge exchange
  • Knowledge of online collaboration tools

Become a Certified Expert!

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During the Semco Style Expert Program you will gain a profound new way of looking at organizations. Within the span of 12 weeks we will gradually build up your knowledge about self-management. In the first sessions, you will immerse yourself in the history and philosophy of Semco Style. You will learn to look through the lens of Semco Style with our Framework, with the objective to merge existing knowledge and approach with Semco Style. After that, let’s explore our flagship Semco Style Roadmap with a practical journey of self-organization, case studies, and aligned guest speakers. In the last phase, it’s time to think about your own way forward. After all, Semco Style is all about doing things. You will gain insight into other Semco Style concepts and tools, and begin building towards your case presentations, and certification in participative style!

Ready to start shaping the future of work?


This Expert Certification Program is an 12-week journey where you will experiences how you can accelerate the pace at which organizations become future-proof while gaining a profound understanding of self-management. This program runs in a blended approach: Asynchronous (self-managed learning), Synchronous (online sessions) and Optional (enrichment based on personal needs. The learning journey is supported by our e-learning and the Semco Style Eco-System. The sessions are a discussion platform to start creating our own unique understanding of the philosophy. We will draw on client applications and case studies to enhance your personal consulting styles and skills. Essentially we want to enhance your skills by combining existing knowledge and expertise with Semco Style. Program speed may vary, depending on the flow of online sessions.

Once you’ve followed the Expert Certification Program, you will be able to establish self-organization throughout the entire organization, recognize behavioral patterns in organizational systems, and figure out how best to adjust them. You will enrich your own style, knowledge, and skills as a change agent; have up-to-date and appealing instruments for self-organization, and get access to the Semco Style Eco-System. And, last but not least, you will become a member of our international community of certified Semco Style Experts, partners, and clients.

You may contact us via email at to learn more about the program.

Phase 1

Stakeholder Alignment

Time to get to know each other and to discover the history and philosophy of Semco Style

  • Get to know your team members and facilitators
  • Team building, alignment on outcomes and boundaries for action
  • Understand our support tools (Eco-System, Miro, Slack)
  • Learn about the history and origins of Semco Style
  • Discover the philosophy and three core beliefs that form the foundation of Semco Style
  • Explore aligned movements like Lean, Teal, Holocracy and others

Phase 2

Semco Style Experience

Immerse yourself into the Semco Style with a self-directed experiential journey through theoretical knowledge, case studies, peer learning, facilitated exercises and aligned guest speakers:

  • Discover Semco Style Framework’s five pivotal principles, 15 pillars and 100+ practices
  • Build your base-knowledge of self-management or merge your existing knowledge and experience
  • Let’s explore the Selfie Assessment Tool
  • Understand the phases of the roadmap: Preparing fertile ground, Self-organization, and Self-directio
  • Learn about the new role of the Brave Leader
  • How to design organizations that allow for democracy and participation
  • Setting up pilots and experiments to support teams in becoming self-organized
  • Learn how to bring responsibility to teams and support leaders to find a new role
  • Help teams to create alignment and remain creative and connected


Phase 3

Participative Certification

Participative certification is a dynamic process that empowers individuals to actively engage in their own learning and development through collaboration, feedback, and recognition, within an environment that fosters psychological safety and recognizes collective intelligence.

  • Experiment with Semco Style by building your own transformational journey
  • Peer learning through guided InterVision sessions on focused topics
  • Understand how the Semco Style community is organized and how you can gain the most of the Experts around you
  • Learn how to position Semco Style in conversation with peers, Executives and potential clients
  • The certification ceremony and celebration session concludes the program!



expert credly badge

The earner of the Semco Style Certified Expert badge has been equipped with all the relevant Semco Style content, immersed themselves into the Semco Style philosophy, and is enabled to work on Semco Style-related assignments. Semco Style Experts have deep-dived into a clear Framework and Roadmap for implementation and have covered extensive theory, practical examples, and smart tools for long-term and successful transitions to self-management and self-organization.



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