We have seen our community grow rapidly in the last few years. To expand our impact with Semco Style, and to leverage our community members around the world in the most effective way possible, we have developed our brand new and custom online platform: Welcome to our Semco Style Eco-System!

The Eco-system exists to empower our Country Partners, Semco Style Certified Experts, community members, and end-clients, to leverage the journey to solve complex challenges and develop holistic and sustainable solutions for a more people-centric approach. All Semco Style resources, tools, and practices are systematically integrated in order to ensure optimal use.

With the Semco Style Eco-System, we aim to centralize all our content, stories, learnings, and inspirations along with structured learning journeys and assessments to track progress and keep on learning.

In true Semco Style, the Eco-System will establish an online, self-directed community of Citizens (clients, experts, and partners) who learn, contribute, and co-create together. Consisting of three main areas, the full Eco-System gives you access to the Resource Center, Learning Center, and Assessment Center.

eco-system resource center

Resource Center

The Resource Center consists of a content library full of articles, cases, and videos. It also showcases our Toolkit, which includes more than 100 detailed practical examples, exercises, and games that helps to guide tangible change.

eco-system learning center

Learning Center

Our Learning Center is the ‘go-to’ place for all our online learning journeys. Connected to our Academy programs, It guides you through specific content, cases, and inspiration – always ending with a ‘test your knowledge’ questionnaire.

eco-system assessment center

Assessment Center

In the Assessment Center you will find powerful tools for team and organizational development. Our scans show how you can better influence the circumstances that enables autonomous decision-making and a people-oriented culture.


eco-system ui


Become a premium member for full access to the Semco Style Eco-System here.

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