Top 10 Myths About Democratic Management

Why are most employees not ready to take on more responsibilities?

Ricardo Semler shares his insight on why most employees are not stepping up and accepting more responsibilities can be looked at from a different perspective. 

Most organizations think that employees are not interested in additional responsibility to keep their job easy, finish the tasks and go home. However, did we ever look at it from the employees’ point of view?  

Employees run a greater risk when they take increasing responsibility in an organization that has a “blame culture”. The consequences – political risks, unnecessary compliance, etc. – for taking on more responsibility are completely disproportionate. The organization needs to consider that there is a learning process involved.  

“Accept that mistakes are part of the process.”  

A reminder to everyone that making mistakes IS a learning process. Empower your employees to be accountable for the tasks that they take on. Trust that things will be done. Guide whenever needed. Support their growth. If this can be the new mindset, the number of people who would step up and take on more responsibility will increase.  


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