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New Ways of Working:
A Catalyst for Lasting Changes

December 16, 15.00 CET Time zone (UTC +1)

Since the COVID19 pandemic started, a lot has changed for employees and managers alike. Now that it’s become inevitable to maintain a social distancing of at least 6 feet, the way you reorganize your company requires a different mindset towards your people and teams.

In this webinar, we’ll take a look back into 2020 and the valuable learnings we have gained: This year forced us reacting fastly to drastic changes and to break open old habits more than ever before. But these changes you have gone through are a great enrichment for the development of your organization. Now is a good time for your organization to take further steps towards working more flexibly and smoothly together. The temporary measures we’ve already put in place the last months can act as catalysts for a lasting change within your organization.

During this compact webinar, we’ll focus on implementing the learnings we have made this year by looking at examples of companies that successfully reacted to the pandemic. We want to ensure that you achieve the best results together as a team, even when you hardly meet each other. It’s about reflecting, collaborating, making business decisions together, commitment and confidently responding to upcoming challenges – things that strengthen your teamwork within the entire organization.

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