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We often organize webinars that aims to offer inspiration, tips and the latest innovations to help you shaping the future of work. On this page you can find upcoming webinars. It is free to join these webinars.

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Breaking Silos: The Semco Style Roadmap

Thursday, April 6

16.00 CEST (UTC +2) / 09.00 PDT (UTC -7)

Organizations are typically designed for stability and order. It’s no wonder then that, by their very nature, the capacity for adaptation can be difficult to realize. The trend toward agile organization design promises great rewards but traditional design methodology tends to rely on the perspective of the few rather than the many. This has significant consequences for our ability to understand and incorporate multiple perspectives across the whole system. If we want to access more diverse points of view and accelerate our adaptation, we need deeper dialogue and a willingness to explore and experiment.

Semco Style Institute has developed a roadmap that is deeply aware of the non-linearity of change and the need for the inclusion of people across the organization. An example of early inclusion of diverse membership, co-creation, and experimentation is reflected in the first phase of the roadmap to self-management. The Semco Style Roadmap indicates the key stages for a complete transformational journey towards self-management. It is also very helpful to understand how to implement Semco Style, facilitate the co-creation of action, and maintain consistency in execution among different countries or client sites. This approach is unique not just because it was developed based on multiple real-life, on-the-field experiments and patterns, but also because of its flexibility.

In this free webinar, Semco Style USA colleague Christian Wandeler will join us. Inspired by the Semco Style Roadmap and Christian’s article, “An Evolutionary Approach to Design” which was featured in Emergence earlier this year, we will discuss the importance of adaptation in organizational design and share non-linear and iterative guidelines based on our learnings and experience in the field.

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