As part of our 5th anniversary, we are proud to release a very special interview series: The Semco Style Talks! Let’s talk about Semco Style from a different perspective: As this new interview series features the people behind Semco Style as well as those that apply it everyday, it aims to give you a fresh perspective on our philosophy.

We invited our founders, clients, partners and colleagues to share personal stories and experiences in a crisp interview format with our co-founder Farouk el Kodady. On this page you can find our growing collection of interview episodes – we hope you enjoy these small bits of inspiring input!


#1 Ricardo Semler

Founder of Semco Style Institute

Ricardo Semler is well known for the alternative approach to management and organization he implemented as CEO of Semco Partners about 40 years ago. The Semco Style Institute was built upon this strong foundation and brings this way of working to companies all over the world.

#2 Domenico Pinto

Semco Style Institute Australia

Domenico Pinto is the founder and main coach at SSI Australia. A world traveller and entrepreneur who is passionate about assisting businesses to grow sustainably and improve company culture. He has extensive coaching experience, having trained over 4k professionals in groups and one-on-one at all levels of organizations and a variety of industries.

#3 Daphne van Beek

Semco Style Institute

Daphne is an experienced marketing strategist. Within SSI global she takes care of international expansion and assists new country partners to successfully enter their market. She is a true passionate about people-centric management and is eager to make a change happen in organizations around the world.

#4 Joël van den Doel

Creative Director at Vibber

Joël is an inspiring, nonconformist visionary with 14 years of experience implementing innovated forms of organizations, mostly for traditional companies in the technical field. In 2021, his company vibber and Semco Style Institute combined their forces in a partnership to do just that: innovating organizational structures and cultures.

#5 Harini Sreenivasan

Semco Style Institute India

Harini can look back to 24 years of successful experiments in the areas of leveraging people potential for business agility and excellence! With Semco Style Institute India, she joined our global community in 2019. Since then, she is driving the philosophy of self-management, trust and innovation at workplaces.

#6 Arko van Brakel

Co-founder of Semco Style Institute

Serial entrepreneur, sought-after advisor, speaker, trainer, and coach. Arko wears many hats. But, the most important hat he wears is that of a futuristic people leader. He believes today’s leaders need a people-centric approach and the ability to draw from scientific insights & personal experiences.

#7 Jorge Silva

Co-founder of 10Pines

Jorge Silva is the co-founder of 10Pines, a self-managing software development company in Argentina. He worked as professor, teaching Software Engineering and helping business starters to realize their ideas and grow their business. With a SSI inspired approach & human-centric methods 10Pines brought Agile to a next level.

#8 Timm Urschinger

Semco Style Institute DACH

Timm is passionate about unleashing the potential of people in big corporations – and he is co-founder of LIVEsciences, a radically self-organized company. This move was inspired by his experiences working on change programs, Organizational Design and consultancy for big corporations such as Roche Pharma, among others.

#9 Christian Wandeler

Semco Style Institute USA

Christian A. Wandeler PhD is the founder of the SSI USA. He is a husband, dad of three kids, walker of three chihuahua mixed strays, and an Associate Professor at the California State University, Fresno. He consulted for the Morning Star Self-Management Institute and loves to apply his academic background hands-on in the work with organizations. 

#10 Christiaan Grové

Semco Style Institute

Christiaan is an accomplished Management Consultant specialising in the integration of Leadership Development and Continuous Business Improvement. Over the past 15 years, he has successfully facilitated the implementation of programs such as Lean Management, Culture Change a& Formal National Qualification programs in over 50 unique companies.

#11 Subbu Ramasubramanian

Semco Style Institute India

After more than three decades in the people intensive global IT services industry, Subbu has observed, been part of, and led teams small and large. Convinced that an organization’s success is directly related to the passion of its people and their alignment with the purpose of the organization, his search for the holy grail led to SSI. He co-founded SSI India along with equally passionate leaders.

#12 Jim Burden

TasWater, Australia

Jim has held key senior leadership positions in diverse service delivery organizations in Australia for over 20 years. He leads with authenticity and a genuine commitment and passion for developing and mentoring others to create highly constructive, humanistic high performing organizational cultures. Jim’s journey as led to Semco Style and an invigorated purpose to shape the future of work.

#13 Dara Kolahi

Cicon Engineering, California

Dara Kolahi is an Iranian-American from Los Angeles and has a strong background as material scientist engineer. Now Dara is an executive committee member of Cicon Engineering, an aerospace manufacturing company based out of Southern California. Together with Cicon Engineering they aim for creating a self-organizing workplace – a win/win for both employees and management alike.

#14 Yun Sil Chu

Moaah, Singapore

Yun Sil Chu is CEO & founder of Moaah and certified Semco Style Expert. She is based Singapore where she started her career at law school. After she quit her job in a law firm she went to start her first venture – and failed. After spending some time in the law firm again, her entrepreneurship nature kept nudging her to start a new business: she quit again and successfully founded Moaah, a bespoke & modularised ERP & EPM software platform.

#15 Jaime Ocampo Zeballos

Certified Semco Style Expert, Bolivia

Jaime is an Industrial Engineer with 10 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry and since his childhood he has been part of a family owned company’s growth. 5 years ago, he discovered that the old management style doesn’t it’s purpose anymore. Now he is running his own company, helping businesses to grow in a human, organic and conscientious way. Besides that, he is supporting his former company on it’s way to a more people centric way of working.

#16 Barbara Atlas

VITEA, France

Barbara wonders about the meaning of Performance in business. After 25 years in the financial industry, she finally created her own consulting firm. Barbara assists companies in finding the drivers for the development of Collective Intelligence, organizational resilience, and sustainable performance.

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