Bracing Brave Leadership

Semco Style Stories with Roxell Pharma, Bolivia

How do you transform an organization that has been existent for almost 30 years? What can you contribute to make this shift a success?

Roxell Pharma is a Bolivian pharmaceutical distribution company that has been in the industry for almost 30 years and is facing a huge financial crisis. Eight months ago, Jaime Ocampo Zeballos took over the business and braced brave leadership to keep the company afloat. Starting with small steps that created a huge impact, Jaime, as a Semco Style Expert, guided the organization in its first steps to becoming more people-centric – without firing people despite the need for “cost reduction”, and by implementing new policies based on trust and transparency. Sharing all the information with the team about the company’s challenges and facing it as a team led to great success with monthly sales records and a growing team. Is it a scary journey? Absolutely. And it is not a walk in the park. But, seeing the slow movement toward stability made this attempt of brave leadership successful and worth it so far.

How did this journey start, and where is it now? Watch the reply below and listen to how Roxell Pharma took the first steps to success and prepared fertile ground for a great self-management journey ahead.

Semco Style Stories

Webinar Recording

Roxell Pharma is a pharmaceutical distribution company based in Bolivia that has been in the industry for over 30 years now. 

In this webinar recording, you’ll learn Jaime Ocampo Zeballos journey when he took the company and braced brave leadership to keep the organization afloat. How did this journey start, and where is it now?


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