TRANSFORMATIVE LEADERSHIP: The Remarkable Journey of Energize Group

Semco Style Story feat. Energize Group, Japan

From a concerning 80% young employee turnover to achieving first place in GPTW for young employees within a mere three years. Ever wondered about the impact of redefining an organization’s leadership approach? Learn more on this edition of Semco Style Story featuring Energize Group from Japan!

Initially rooted in a traditional top-down style management approach with an alarming high young employee turnover, the organization recognized the need for change. Their transformation to a self-management approach has been pivotal. Today, Energize Group is a beacon for promoting equal opportunities and unlocking the potential of each team member. Takumi, Founder and CEO of Energize Group, remains distanced from daily meetings, underscoring the trust in the teams. Yet, the company continues to flourish and gain recognition. Where did this pivotal journey start, and which obstacles were overcome?

Immerse yourself in the detailed story of Energize Group’s transformative journey to sustained success. Delve into the challenges faced and the strategies employed for their remarkable growth. Inspiration on how to start your transformational journey guaranteed!

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“Our company vision is to create a society that looks forward to Mondays more than Fridays!”


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