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Ricardo Semler joining Happiness@Work Event in Belgium

Happiness@Work Conference 2021

Ricardo Semler LIVE in Belgium

December 2021 awaits us with a big highlight: The Happiness@Work Conference in Antwerp, Belgium! Slated to be an in-person event, the conference features keynote speakers, exclusive workshops and the opportunity to socialize and network with like-minded people.

At the Happiness@Work Conference, you are invited to:

  • Explore, experience and enjoy the launch of the brand new, ‘happier’ way of working, in the post pandemic world of increasing digitalization
  • Be inspired by world class speakers who are committed to changing workplaces for the better and enhance your own X-factor leadership
  • Connect with likeminded people and be a part of the first ever fully experiential Happiness@Work Conference

Ricardo Semler will be on the star-studded line-up of speakers, kicking-off this year’s conference with his keynote address. Check out Ricardo’s personal video message to get a little sneak peek of what to expect. Or check out what other amazing speakers await you at the event. If you’re as excited as we are click on the button below for more information and get yourself a ticket!