New Podcast featuring Ricardo Semler: Why it Pays to Raise Pay

May 18, 2021

Work Life with Adam Grant

Why it Pays to Raise Pay


Pay is not a carrot you dangle to motivate people. It’s a symbol of how much you value them. Come inside a Seattle startup that set a minimum salary of $70,000 and a Brazilian company that let people set their own pay.

When people feel valued, they add value. Going above market pay might sound like a fantasy, but in a growing number of companies it’s becoming a profitable reality. In this wonderful podcast, Adam Grant and his guests Ricardo SemlerZeynep Ton and Rosita Barlow talk about workplaces that have reinvented their pay structures to give employees their worth and more—and explore the science of how it can pay off for everyone in the long run. Sounds interesting? Click here, sit back and enjoy listening!

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