Make Work Awesome With Heiko Fischer

April 24, 2019

‘Make Work Awesome’ is a monthly series of free webinars that aims to offer inspiration, tips and the latest innovations to help you make work more awesome. On this page you find a recording of the webinar with Heiko Fischer. Arko van Brakel and Heiko deep-dived into the success story behind Resourceful Humans while at the same time Heiko takes you on a journey through his awesome office where each item has a purpose.

100% Entrepreneurship, 0% Bureaucracy. That’s the motto behind the “RH Way”, the operating model that’s grabbing attention world over. Resourceful Humans founder, Heiko Fischer, is on a mission to transform any purposeful enterprise into an entrepreneurial network. And, he’s extremely successful at it. He is disruptive in the way he transforms organizations and uses many of his innovative software tools and artificial intelligence to enable the transformation. In this way, he has helped companies all over the world to metamorphosize into entrepreneurial networks.

We believe that people are not just a replaceable part in a manufacturing process. We believe that the most untapped potential in an organization is the human dimension.
– Heiko Fischer


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