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Leading Hybrid Teams

We offer: Leading practices that enable a hybrid workplace

What is it ?

‘Hybrid Working’ is a series of facilitated workshops focused on shaping workplaces to become high-performing locations both at home and at the on-site office. Selected Semco Style’s practices form the engine of the program, with each workshop providing clear guidelines for action and implementation. The practices are built on Semco’s 40 years of experience with Hybrid Working. These will come to life in interactive sessions through case studies, facilitated discussions, games and simulations.

Who is it for?

Leaders, policymakers and enthusiasts who are keen on enhancing communication, individual and team alignment or co-creating social boundaries at the workplace can enroll.

About Hybrid Working

The Hybrid Working way combines two elements that complement each other to achieve a predetermined goal. In today’s work environment, only few have been able to truly understand the hybrid model, let alone implement it successfully. As a result, it has been easy for managers to fall into old command-and-control behaviors while treading unfamiliar ground.

It is essential to understand that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ in the hybrid model. Continuous experimentation, effective communication and adjusting as needed are how we move forward.

Sounds ideal? But how can organizations bring about this new balance? How can teams build a culture of trust and commitment that enables consistency? And finally, how do organizations enable the evolution of traditional roles?

The answers to these salient questions are in the Semco Style practices. Numerous practices, born from years of experimentation, form a framework for understanding and applying the hybrid model. Hybrid working aims at empowering organizations with the tools required to create a workplace that embraces an agile future – either from home or the office.

what we offer

The ‘Hybrid Workplace Facilitation’ Workshop

The Hybrid Working workshops teach policymakers, leaders, and teams about the underlying mechanisms at play while we work in a hybrid environment. Get ready to deep-dive into the various challenges and triumphs involved in creating such a workplace. You will be introduced to tools that address the various risks involved in enhancing effective communication, creating transparency regarding expectations, and aligning team and organizational goals.

The series comprises 6×3 hours of online workshops. You can decide whether to follow a selection of workshops or sign up for the complete program.

Case studies, lively discussions, and role-play are facilitated around current trends for you to experiment with. Before jumping into your first workshop, a Hybrid Assessment will scan your organization on its true hybridity. The whole program will be supported by MIRO which will capture all the learnings of the participants to be exported and shared with you.

You may reach out to Hyke via email at to know more about the program.

Workshop series 1

Finding Your Role as a Leader 

The bridge to a motivated workplace can only be crossed when there is a culture of commitment. As a leader, how would you go about facilitating such a culture?

In these two workshops, we focus on the changing role of leaders, who empower, rather than dominate, the workforce. For leaders to truly feel comfortable in their new role, they need clarity about responsibilities, goals and, above all, the strengths of their team. In the first workshop we will discuss directly applicable practices, which you can experiment within your organization between the two workshops.

Active role play and games during the workshops will help you as a leader understand how to take control, without being controlling. You will experiment with having honest conversations and motivating others to feel in control of their own roles and responsibilities.


In this program, you will:
  • Participate in two 3-hour interactive workshops via Zoom and MIRO
  • Centralize the question — ‘How can leaders feel comfortable in their new role?’’
  • Learn to create clarity in your role as a leader
  • Experiment with directly applicable practices, such as
  • Start the Hybrid Assessment – the steppingstone to creating a hybrid organization
Workshop series 2

Enabling Hybrid Teams

Some of the benefits of a hybrid organization are more flexible hours and collaborating to achieve desired results. These two workshops will focus on the question of creating a social agreement that reflects the goals of your organization, while entrusting teams with the process of getting there.

You will learn how to align personal interests with those of the larger collective. Setting guidelines and boundaries, by expressing both personal and collective goals, will help build awareness. By the end of the workshops, you will be able to empower teams by understanding how to shape their role and define their responsibilities.


In this program, you will:
  • Participate in two 3-hour interactive workshops via Zoom and MIRO

  • Centralize the question — ‘How to co-create a social contract?’

  • Learn how to align personal and organizational goals

  • Experiment with directly applicable practices, such as:


Workshop series 3

Performing in a Hybrid team

These two workshops will focus on the performance within a hybrid team. What instruments and support tools are there to track performance? What behaviors are needed to maintain an effective level of alignment? And, when do hybrid teams perform successfully?

You will learn how to develop new habits that stimulate performance in a hybrid or remote setting. Through interactive sessions, participants will experience the challenges and opportunities that hybrid working provides. They will equip themselves with practices to experiment with directly.

To experiment with creating alignment between leaders, teams and departments, it is essential to balance the interests of everyone involved. In the first workshop we will discuss directly applicable practices, which you can experiment with in your organization between the two workshops. At the end of the second workshop, you have a plan of approach.


In this program, you will:
  • Participate in two 3-hour interactive workshops via Zoom and MIRO
  • Centralize the question — ‘When are you successful in a hybrid team’
  • Experiment with directly applicable practices, such as:


    In order to understand the full length of working in a hybrid format, HR policymakers, leaders and teams need to understand their role in accordance with those of their peers. Identifying your role in an organization must align with the goals of others to become truly autonomous. Now, independence has evolved into becoming interdependent as an organization.

    In the full workshop series, you reimagine roles and responsibilities from all streams that add value to your organization. Translating knowledge from one series into the other, will aid your learning process of co-creating a transformation that remains clear and focused. At the end of the full workshop series, you understand the dynamics and needs of becoming a truly hybrid workplace.


    In this program, you will:
    • Participate in six 3-hour interactive workshops via Zoom and Miro.

    • Centralize the question, “How to maintain focus on what to work on, while allowing for freedom to shape how to work?”

    • Learn to become interdependent as a team instead of (in)dependent as a team member

    • Experiment with directly applicable practices, such as:

    • Get a 3-month access to the Semco Style Eco-System – our digital library


    Four good reasons

    To start accelerating your Hybrid Workplace

    Beyond the Hype

    Learn how to focus on experimenting with Hybrid Working at every level of your organization by creating a culture of trial-and-error.

    Hybrid Assessment

    Your hybrid experience starts well before your first workshop. You will be given the opportunity to conduct a Hybrid Assessment that will prepare you for creating a hybrid plan. This will help you evaluate the current level of hybridity in your organization. The early assessment will allow you to understand what exactly to focus on going forward.

    Hands-on Tools and Practices

    This program goes beyond plain theory – it equips you with proven practices and hands-on tools that can be shaped to suit the needs of your organization.

    Join our Eco-System

    By signing up, you will gain three months of access to our brand-new Eco-System, equipped with eBooks, assessments, resources, case studies, and videos. These tools will help guide your hybrid journey.

    Hybrid Article

    Article: Hybrid Working Is Not About Where You Work

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    If you start paying attention to what your employees are doing instead of when and where they do it, you can shift the focus to the one thing that really matters: results.

    We show you why the new hybrid model is the ticket to creating freedom for people to concentrate on what is important. Read the full article to learn more!