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Get More Out Of Agile With Semco Style
Let’s, for a moment, cut back to the origins of agile – the original authors of the Agile Manifesto envisaged it as an entirely different organizational operating system. But,over the years, it’s been narrowed down into merely prescriptive methodologies for software development like Scrum, Kanban or DevOps. Without a holistic understanding of agile, managers often act in conventional ways that are in contrast with the principles of agile and unwittingly undermine their agile teams. In fact, one of the key tenets of Agile is to put people over process – but ironically, Agile itself has been interpreted as a process and is being imposed on people. In short, one set of development processes have merely been replaced by another.

So, how can organizations restore the balance and move away from 
command–and-control ways of working? How can they build a culture where agile teams can set their own pace, and manage themselves? And, finally how can they use the very principles in the Agile Manifesto to guide their transition into a truly agile culture?

The Semco Style Framework and Roadmap provide the answers to these questions. Born out of years of practices successfully deployed at Semco and formulated into a theoretical framework by renowned Dutch Leadership Institute , De Baak, the framework provides a growing library of practices to build an Agile Culture. Agile Culture Essentials (ACE) makes this framework and roadmap available for use by aspiring organizations that are looking to build a truly agile workplace through a bouquet of trainings and consulting engagements tailored to the needs of Agile.

Agile Culture Essentials

ACE is a workshop and engagement series focused on building a culture that helps organizations get more out of Agile. Focus is also on implementing 4 of the 12 principles of Agile that have a huge dependency on work culture. Concepts and practical tips are covered in interactive sessions with case studies and role plays. Contents are anchored around the Semco Style Framework that is derived from successful implementation of self-managed Agile teams.

It’s for Agile Coaches who are looking to enhance their portfolio of practices and tools with specific focus on building an Agile culture as well as for Senior Managers who are looking to build high performance Agile teams / improve the velocity of existing teams. We expect the participants to have a basic knowledge of Agile and its implementation frameworks such as SCRUM or SAFe.

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