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SSI INTERNATIONAL | Expert Certification Program

January 24

Are you the next Semco Style Expert? You can be part of the growing global community of Semco Style Institute and join our January cohort. This is an 18-week journey where you will experience how you can accelerate the pace at which organizations become future-proof while gaining a profound understanding of self-management.

SSI ITALY | Expert Certification Program

January 2023

A year into the Country Partnership, Semco Style Institute Italy is now looking for a pioneering group of Experts to join their Expert Certification Program kicking off towards the end of January.

Want to be part of this growing community? Reach out to the Semco Style Institute Italy now.

SSI INDIA | Expert Certification Program

January 26

If you are passionate about transforming organizations and shaping the future of work, this power-packed, 8-day in-person leadership program is just for you. Semco Style Institute India is holding an Expert Certification Program in Bangalore this January 2023. Reach out to our Semco Style Institute India team and be part of our growing community.

SSI UK | Expert Certification Program

January 2023

Join a growing global community of Semco Style Certified Experts by becoming a member of the SSI UK learning experience, covering a blend of in-person and virtual sessions. By attending this program, you will become a certified Semco Style consultant and can use the Semco Style philosophy and practices to support transformation with your clients or in your organization.