SSI USA | How self-management rescued ET Group from its tumultuous history of leadership

Aug 5, 12:00 PM PST (UTC -7)

The S Files is a series of conversations with companies who have walked the path to self-management hosted by Christian Wandeler. In this episode, Christian is joined by Semco Style expert program participant Dirk Propfe, from ET group to discuss the future of work and how leaders can transform their organization to ensure everyone feels valued, and that they have the freedom and power to make real change.

International Expert Certification Program


August 30, 2022

New ways of working are gaining momentum and leaders all around the world are realizing now is the time to pivot organizational structures. Join our worldwide network of change agents and start shaping the future. of work. Our Expert Certification Program is an 18-day program that will start on August 30 and will run until December 7.