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Wednesday, May 26

Semco Style Stories – Caere, India

Christopher Blessing is the founder of CAERE, a successful housekeeping- and cleaning company in India. He expanded his business all across India and employed thousands of people. In this edition of ‘Semco Style Stories‘ you will find out what the journey to Semco Style takes from both the leader, as from the consultant perspective.


Tuesday, June 15

Post-Covid Leadership

COVID has been around for over a year by now. In other words it has passed probation, survived longer than most startups, longer than a sport season and longer than Pokémon Go. What have we learned from it? How has it changed the way organizations and teams are run? What are some of the practices and principles that high-performing companies have adopted? Get yourself prepared for the post-COVID world of work!


From Monday, July 5 to July  26


In our ‘ACE Summer Bootcamp’ we will focus on how to use proven Semco Style practices and Agile principles to build a culture that is rooted in trust and autonomy. It condenses the knowledge you need to implement practices that build effective, self-organized and Agile teams. Ready to start a lasting agile transformation within your organization?