Top 10 Myths About Democratic Management

Become a Semco Style Eco-System Citizen!

We are delighted to see the growth in our international community and the interest in Semco Style over the past years. Now is the moment we want to expand the impact of Semco Style even further with our brand new and custom online platform: Welcome to our Eco-system!
The Eco-system exists to empower our Country Partners, Semco Style Certified Consultants and End-Clients to leverage the learnings, content and resources within the Eco-system to solve complex challenges and develop holistic and sustainable solutions.
With the Semco Style Eco-system we aim to centralize all our content, stories, learnings and inspirations along with structured learning journeys and assessments to track progress and keep on learning. Consisting of three main areas, your Eco-system journey walks you through the Resource Center, Learning Center and Assessment Center. All Semco Style resources, tools and frameworks are systematically integrated in order to ensure optimal use.

In true Semco Style, the Eco-system will establish a digital, self-directed community of Citizens (clients, consultants and partners) who learn, contribute and co-create together.