Top 10 Myths About Democratic Management


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Ricardo Semler

Founder of Semco Style Institute

Ricardo Semler is a champion of the radical, employee-friendly corporate democracy. It’s a vision that he successfully transformed into reality during his 40 years as CEO of Semco Partners. Ricardo believes we can create better workplaces by fostering a culture that encourages people to question why we do things the way we do and by devolving power to employees. In short, that’s how we create companies where productivity and employee satisfaction go hand-in-hand. It’s this groundbreaking, alternative approach to management and organization that earned Ricardo and Semco international recognition. The best-selling author of Maverick and The Seven-Day Weekend has also shared his learnings with the next generation through his roles as Professor of Leadership at MIT’s Sloan School of Management and Visiting Scholar at Harvard Law School.

Oration Speakers is the exclusive agent for all Ricardo Semler’s speaking engagements. You can also write an e-mail to or call Rachel at +35 31 699 1419 (GMT) if you require further information.


Managing without Managers | Reinvention for a post-pandemic future | Creating the Future of Work and Organizations | Harnessing the Power of Innovation | Leadership during COVID-19 |Creating the Future of Business

Arko van Brakel

Co-founder of Semco Style Institute

Inspiration is Arko’s core competence. His purpose in life is to support and stimulate entrepreneurship, autonomy, living our dreams, realizing our life-goals and of course to stimulate a healthy mind in a healthy body to be always ready for creative innovation.

But he’s also a serial entrepreneur, sought-after advisor, speaker, trainer, and coach. Arko van Brakel wears many hats. But, the most important hat he wears is that of a futuristic, people leader. According to him, the world is rapidly moving away from a MEconomy towards a WEconomy and the problems of today cannot be resolved with old-fashioned, linear solutions. He believes today’s leaders need a people-centric approach, futuristic thinking and the ability to draw from scientific insights and personal experiences. And, it’s his mission in life to Make Work Awesome!


Impact Entrepreneurship | Moderator | Inspiration | Motivation | Leadership | Strategy | Innovation

Luuk Willems

Co-founder of Semco Style Institute

Luuk is co-founder of Semco Style Institute and intrigued by the question how working can work better for everyone involved. He started his career as a consultant for Deloitte, worked as a trainer on personal entrepreneurship for the Dutch renowed training institute de Baak, and still works as a trainer and consultant working with Semco Style partner teams all over the world. He leads large corporate transformations and is responsible for training, methodology and content such as toolkits.


Entrepreneurship | Trainer | Product & Marketing Development | Agile | Improvisation | Moderation | Leadership | Coaching


Want to get a first impression of Arko, Ricardo and Luuk speaking?
Feel free to browse through the videos below and take a look into some previous speaking engagements.

TED Talk
Ricardo at TEDGlobal 2014

Imagine a world where your job didn’t control your life. Ricardo Semler practices a revolutionary form of corporate democracy, which involves a rethinking of everything — from board meetings to how employees report their vacation days. His vision rewards employee wisdom, promotes work-life balance, and leads to deep insight about who we are and what we do.

100 Points for Life – Arko van Brakel

The world changes fast! Maybe you recognize that life in our Western society can be a crazy rat race? Not only that, but it sometimes is a hell of a job to keep standing and not tumble into a burn-out. Arko is a man who experienced it all. He will talk to you about setting priorities, so you can end the rat race and enjoy life.

Leaders in Cars Getting Coffee
Arko van Brakel

In Leaders In Cars Getting Coffee you’ll see Heiko Fischer talking to the most resourceful leaders, who may be underrated in some cases. You will witness the perfect combination of the great leaders, the best matching cars for their characters and the most honest conversations about their secrets and challenges, their hopes and fears as a leader.

NWX19 Hamburg Keynote
Ricardo – Still A Long Way to New Work

In this 30-minute keynote from the NWX event in Hamburg, Germany, Ricardo Semler speaks about the future of work. While accepting the reality that it will be a long time before the power of these new practices are understood, Ricardo discusses ways in which we can move forward with bringing about real organizational change. 



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Oration Speakers is the exclusive agent for all Ricardo Semler’s speaking engagements. You can write an e-mail to or call Rachel at +35 31 699 1419 (GMT) if you require further information.

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