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AEM-Cube assessment

enhance team performance
As part of our consultancy efforts, Semco Style Institute frequently uses an online assessment tool produced and scientifically validated by Human Insight. The goal of this tool, AEM-Cube, is to help build high performing teams by making people understand in what situations they naturally perform at their best and how they are likely to react to change.

Are you ready for the change?

The average lifespan of organisations is changing due to the speed of technological innovation and the way that startups have the power to scale fast and impact existing business models. Like Darwin’s theory, it’s not the strongest or the smartest that survive, it’s the ones most adaptable to change that survive. Using the AEM-Cube, create an understanding of how your people are adaptable to change.

Empower your people

Are your people in the right seats and are they doing the right thing? With the AEM-Cube assessment you will find answers to these questions. Helping to discover where your people optimally contribute in a team setting. This will make it easier to create an agile organisation, which in turn will help run changes smoothly.

Execute strategy faster and create a culture of success

Create one common language with a common goal amongst your people. Understand how different people have different ways of interpreting things, but also have a different approach to tackle organisational objectives. This process will help people to understand how to appreciate other people’s way of approaching things. The quality of interaction is the cornerstone for groups of people or teams to work together successfully. This cornerstone is needed in order to create teams that support one another and have a self-steering capacity to process conflict and the organisations goals and challenges ahead.

By implementing the AEM-Cube, you will


Create an understanding of where you optimally contribute within an organisational and team setting


Learn more about your personal preferences in dealing with complex situations and leadership skills


Understand why strategically diverse teams perform better


Predict team dynamics and helps maintain these dynamics within the team


Map your organisation’s growth curve and link it to organisational strategies and goals

About Human Insight

Human Insight helps organisations all over the world to assess their adaptability to change by analysing the people powering the company. Human Insight’s slogan is “Always change a winning team”. This slogan is based on three decades of research looking at high performing organisations and the teams of people that were responsible for this performance. Their research has been published by Harvard Business Review and is used by Business Schools in North-America, Europe and Asia.