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Agile is not only about implementing a new project management tool – it begins with teaching the Agile philosophy and starting to transform the work culture. But without a holistic understanding of Agile, managers often act in conventional ways that are in contrast with the principles of Agile and unwittingly undermine their Agile teams.

In fact, one of the key tenets of Agile is to put people over process – but ironically, Agile itself often has been interpreted as a process and is being imposed on people. Born out of years of experience, the Semco Style Framework and Roadmap provide a growing library of practices to build an Agile Culture.

Agile Culture Professional Certification Program makes this Framework and Roadmap available for use by aspiring organizations that are looking to build a truly Agile workplace. Are you ready to create truly self-managed agile teams?

This training program is tailor-made for leaders and coaches that are starting or looking to accelerate their transition to Agile. It gives you a better understanding of the ground, daily actions, and behaviors needed to build an Agile Culture. We will focus on where to begin and how to combine both, Semco Style and the Agile Manifesto, to create a culture shift that is rooted in trust and autonomy and how to create truly Agile leaders.

It’s for Agile Coaches who are looking to enhance their portfolio of practices and tools with a high-performance specific focus on building an Agile culture as well as for Senior Managers who are looking to build high-performance Agile teams / improve the velocity of existing teams.

You will condense the knowledge you need to implement practices that build effective, self-organized, and Agile teams. Ready to start a lasting agile transformation within your organization?

Program brochure

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Are you ready to start a lasting agile transformation within your organization? Our “Agile Culture Professional Certification Program,” program condenses the knowledge you need to implement practices that build effective, self-organized and Agile teams. Please download our program brochure for more detailed information about content, pricing, schedules and our program faculty!

program information

Duration and Roadmap

The Agile Culture Professional Certification Program program exists of 5 online training sessions with a duration of 3 hours each. For people that are new to Agile, we offer an optional session before the official start of the program.

Session 1: Agile Culture Essentials

Immerse yourself in the world of Semco Style and find out how it can strengthen Agile. We’ll move quickly from principles to practices, culture to behavior, and others. What behavior would you like to see in your workplace?  

Your Key Takeaways:

  • Look beneath the surface of superficial Agile rituals

  • Observable workplace behaviors that are fundamental to Agile

  • Experience the difference between Agile and traditional culture through a simulation

Session 2: Develop Agile leadership 

Learn to shape a leadership role that is most supportive of Agile environments. 

Your Key Takeaways:

  • Appreciate the style of leadership essential for Agile organizations.

  • Learn to work with models and tools that help leaders work on step-back management, problem-solving ownership, and gradual interventions.

Session 3: Agile team skills: beneath the surface 

In this session, we focus on key skills any Agile team needs to master to move beyond the superficial application of practices such as kanban boards and stand-ups to truly becoming Agile.  

Your Key Takeaways:

  • Understand differences between traditional teams and self-organized teams

  • Learn how to transfer decision-making to the teams.

  • Get a deep understanding of boundary conditions, why they are and how to define them.

  • Learn to create the conditions necessary for more team-based decision-making.   Understand roles and responsibilities in self-organized teams. 


Session 4: Building the organizational muscle for Agile

Focus on what is needed at an organization level to enable Agile teams.  

Your Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how to organize around customers instead of functions.

  • Learn how to move from Individual to team-based Performance Management Practices.

  • Reimagining support functions as enablers of agility.


Session 5: Creating a learning culture and bringing it all together

The final session is all about building a learning culture in the organization and closing with personal action plans for each participant. 

Your Key Takeaways:

  • Leadership behaviors and team practices to build Psychological Safety.

  • Principles, Practices, and Tools to run effective retrospectives.

  • Personal Action Plan for change.

Summary of your takeaways

  •  Techniques and tools to build trust in teams. This will help you apply whatever Agile framework you chose with better outcomes.
  • How to create psychologically safe spaces for self-organized teams to operate.
  • Understand the role of managers in Agile teams
  • Understand how retrospectives can be made truly meaningful and not plain rituals.
  • Receive a compact toolbook that helps you applying the discussed practices in day-to-day business

You may reach out to Hyke via email at hello@semcostyle.com to know more about the program.


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Learn how to combine both, Semco Style and the Agile Manifesto, to create a culture shift that is rooted in trust and autonomy and enables for true Agile teams.


Proof of what you have achieved! After 4 sessions of indepth learning, we are happy to hand over your official Agile Culture Essentials certificate.

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