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During this 4 x 4 hours Summer Bootcamp for Agile Coaches and Leaders, you’ll experience and learn building blocks of an Agile culture. This part is common to the Experience ACE program. Following the fundamentals, you will equip yourself with essential tips and tricks to build and enhance a culture of trust, that will help your teams self-organize effectively.

The Agile Manifesto clearly illustrates the essential culture elements through 4 of its 12 principles and expects organizations to bring in these changes while adopting any of the Agile frameworks. In the Summer Bootcamp we will focus on how to use proven Semco Style practices to build a culture that is rooted in trust and autonomy – the foundations of truly Agile teams.

A key attribute of Agile is to continuously learn – this is accomplished by periodic retrospectives. They are a key process prescribed in all agile frameworks. Healthy retrospectives can occur only in teams with courage, low power distance and psychological safety. Without these, retrospectives don’t yield much improvement. The program reflects on how to bring in these in your cultural DNA so as to build a continuously learning organization.

The ACE Summer Bootcamp is an online training program using facilitation, case studies, experiential role-plays and hands-on exercises. Agile coaches and managers are responsible for agile teams are made to appreciate and understand Agile culture essentials! The program condenses the knowledge you need to implement practices that build effective, self-organized and Agile teams. Ready to start a lasting agile transformation within your organization?


Your Key Takeaways:

  • Techniques and tools to build trust in teams. This will help you apply whatever Agile framework you chose with better outcomes.
  • How to create psychologically safe spaces for self-organized teams to operate.
  • Understand the role of managers in Agile.
  • Conceptual models to increase ownership levels in teams and avoiding pitfalls.
  • Understand how retrospectives can be made truly meaningful and not plain rituals.

Duration & Program Roadmap

The ACE Summer Bootcamp exists of 4 online training sessions with a duration of 4 hours each

1. Session: Experience Agile Culture
Equipping leaders with an awareness of the cultural requirements of Agile.
(You can also participate in that specific workshop only by signing up here)

2. Session: Experience and Lead Agile Culture // Part 1
Taking a relook at power structures, people governance and behaviors.

3. Session: Experience and Lead Agile Culture // Part 2
Building trust as one of the key principles of the Semco Style framework.

4. Session: Experience and Lead Agile Culture // Part 3
Combine both, Semco Style and Agile Manifesto and learn how to create a self-organized culture in your organization.


  1. Session: July 5, 13.00 – 17:00 CEST Time zone (UTC+2)
  2. Session: July 12, 13.00 – 17:00 CEST Time zone (UTC+2)
  3. Session: July 19, 13.00 – 17:00 CEST Time zone (UTC+2)
  4. Session: July 26, 13.00 – 17:00 CEST Time zone (UTC+2)


€ 990,-

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