We believe in ‘practice what you preach’ and want to have an impact, consistently improve performance, and have happy, engaged colleagues ourselves. As a hybrid team and organization, we value the importance of aligning between all our partners, team members, and external relations.

In our Culture Code, we describe our way of working derived from our own philosophy that has been developed over the course of almost 50 years. Up until this very moment, we have been experimenting with our ‘boundaries for action’. For us, this approach has become vital to be autonomous and take responsibility for our individual and team responsibilities.

We see the paradox between freedom, ownership, responsibility, and extensive guidelines. But we also know from experience that you can only take responsibility when the ‘playground’ is clear.

With this Semco Style Culture Code, we make a statement on how we work together, what we want to achieve and how we can have the biggest impact on performance and happiness. In doing so, we lead a journey focused on shaping the future of work!


Can you be the same person outside your office as you are within? In order to bring full impact into an organization, people need to develop their talents in an environment that supports their personal growth. In doing so, we believe that happy employees create happy results.

In order to support this way of working, in our philosophy we refer to our three common values:


Engagement by all, involvement by the ones affected


Clear and simple rules of thumb that feel natural and effective


Being able to boost your personal interest while pursuing organizational goals

With these three values at the core of our culture, we believe, as Ricardo once famously said…
Ricardo Semler freedom quote

The importance of our culture

What is the effect of such a Culture Code? And, where do we see its value? We see this document as the core understanding of how we work. It guides new recruits, functions as inspiration for other organizations, and grounds our day-to-day operations in shaping the future of work.

Let’s take a look at what our colleagues, and co-creators of this document, say about the Semco Style Culture Code!

Farouk el Kodady
CEO, Semco Style Institute

A strong culture code is the common thread of your organization and provides a platform in which everyone is given a voice. It sets the tone with clear expectations on how internal interaction can play a vital role to create a trust-based work environment.

Daphne Van Beek
Global Marketing and Commerce Lead

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. A powerful and empowering culture creates a solid foundation for organizational growth. That is the core of our philosophy and how we help companies worldwide find their path toward sustainable success and growth. 

So, how do we practice what we preach ourselves? This Culture Code represents the way we work within Semco Style Institute. It aims to guide us to flourish ina global, hybrid work environment that is entirely based on trust.


Eveline Hadewegg Scheffer
Certified Expert

Take a look inside our organization! The Culture Code is a statement on how we work together, what we want to achieve and how we can have the biggest impact on performance and happiness. It contains the lessons learned, both from Ricardo Semler in the 80’s and our own experience in the recent years. We keep learning, that is why this is a ‘work in progress’, and we wil update regularly.


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