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A Journey Towards Self-Organization of 3,500 Employees

Semco Style Stories with ABN AMRO, Netherlands

“At home, everyone is self-organizing”, was the reasoning of Pieter de Lange, head of culture and transition at ABN AMRO Personal Banking. In order to mirror the way of organizing at home, the Personal Banking division at ABN AMRO of 3,500 employees, started to create the fundaments and boundaries to make such an environment a reality. From 2018 onwards, the transition has resulted in a human-centric organization in which team maturity, integrity, and trust were at the core of their business.

In this new edition of Semco Style Stories, you’ll discover how 3,500 employees were focused at a collectively agreed-upon dot on the horizon, and individually found their way to get there.

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Semco Style Stories

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